Who We Be?

we are The Conversation a multi-media company who specializes in organizing readings, hosting workshops & craft talks, hosts a week long fellowship program in the American South. To learn more about our story check out our breakdown and interview series at the Rumpus!

Our Mission:

our purpose is rooted in the bridging of conversations between interregional blackness & discussing what a black mecca can look like in the United States. central to The Conversation is documenting contemporary POC relationships to the American South, reformatting the literary conference model, engaging with Southern communities of young writers and the reclamation of land.



NABILA LOVELACE is a first-generation Queens native, her people hail from Trinidad and Nigeria. Sons of Achilles, her debut book of poems, is forthcoming from YesYes Books. She is a 2015 Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop fellow, finalist for the Emerge-Be-Surface fellowship 2014, and a winner of the 2013 Poets & Writers Amy Award. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Washington Square Review, The Offing, Day One, & Winter Tangerine. She is Nonfiction Editor at The Black Warrior Review & Poetry Editor at The Offing. She is a current MFA candidate at the University of Alabama— Tuscaloosa. In her spare time she enjoys the warm weather by doing hoodrat things with her friends.

AZIZA BARNES is blk & alive. Born in Los Angeles, she currently lives in Oxford, Mississippi. You can find her work currently or forthcoming in PANK, pluck!, Muzzle, Callaloo, Union Station, Phantom Limb, The Rumpus, The Offing and The Breakbeat Poets, among other journals and collections. Her first chapbook, me Aunt Jemima and the nailgun, was the first winner of the Exploding Pinecone Prize and published from Button Poetry. Her first full length collection of poems, i be but i ain’t, is the winner of the 2015 Pamet River Prize with YesYes Books. Her poetry has also been chosen for the 2015 Winter Tangerine Award and 2013 Gallery Prize for Radical Presence. She is a poetry & non-fiction editor at Kinfolks Quarterly, a Callaloo fellow, a Poets’ House fellow, a graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a current candidate for her MFA in Poetry at University of Mississippi. She is a member of The Dance Cartel & the divine fabrics collective.